Health and Safety - General Policy Statement

This policy statement is to define under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent legislation, the Company's commitment in pursuing ongoing improvements, by outlining the details and direction of the policy framework in relation to its organization and arrangements in support  of health and safety, the Company's and individuals' responsibilities.

These are supplemented by more detailed statements within the Policy. As a Director within the Company I have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the Health and Safety of all our employees and others who may be affected by our acts or omissions.


It is my responsibility to implement, review and monitor the effectiveness of this policy and bring any changes to the attention of all employees. In addition, all Directors, senior managers, managers and staff are directly responsible for the day to day adherence to this policy within their own areas of responsibility.


In this way the Company will provide an effective organization with detailed arrangements and will ensure that all- necessary resources, both financial and other are adequate and made available as required. 


All staff are trained to understand their responsibilities, both to themselves and others in relation to Health and Safety and to actively take control and responsibility for their actions. 


Green World Cleaning Services, together with the management and all staff are dedicated to ensuring that Health and Safety at Work is given paramount importance during the delivery of their daily business

Green World Cleaning Services have the Accreditations of Safe Contractor and the British Institute of Cleaning Science ''Bicsc'', all our staff are Health and Safety trained 






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