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We bring to you over 22 Years experience in the cleaning industry including, Medical Cleaning,  Commercial, Office cleaning, Initial cleans, Restoration and Insurance Cleans, with a lot of the focus in Medical Cleaning and Office cleaning, the type of cleaning here is very detailed and with an emphasis on actually being “clean” not just looking clean.

Quality control

it is what we specialise in and our eye for detail is 
second to none. Quality control will be regular and a written report of premises cleaning inspection will be forwarded to you.


We will give you, the “Customer Service” you have been missing and unfortunately are sadly lacking in the industry today. Companies have gone away from the old saying that the “customer” is always right. Your needs and requests as the customer at Green World Cleaning Services will be the most important factor in our day.

Our Employees 


We have fully trained cleaning staff, which provide an efficient and discreet service. You can have your building serviced during the day or out of hours – we are flexible and will schedule our visits to meet your needs.


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